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13 di bukit besi - Google Blog Search

13 di bukit besi - Google Blog Search

Swiftlet Farming: Million Dollars A Year Income Potential.: <b>Bukit Besi</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 27 May 2014 12:30 PM PDT

(Bkt Besi BH From 250 birds now at 700 birds after 1.5 months)

My next revamp project might be in Durian Tunggal, Melaka.

This small job will be completed within 7-10 days but I think there will be some problem with the Owner.

He is not willing to accept my pricing and proposed his own methods of raw materials purchases.

Well I am not very happy with his method because it will delay my job and we might need to spend more time waiting on raw materials.

Yesterday make a trip to Rantau BH and installed a additional humidifier.

While on the way to Rantau a caller wanted to know how to produce those small insects to feed his BH tenants.

I stopped my car and asked him precisely what he wanted me to tell him.

He introduced himself as an old school of person who owned an 8 years old BH with about 2 kilos of nests every month.

He came across the idea about insect breeding for BHs and searched the web.

Found my number and called me for some advise.

I told him nicely on how to use those ripe pineapples and sprinkle with some yeast.

If he wanted to produce a higher volume he should look into those Soy powder mixed with wheat flour but must erect a barn to house them.

By doing this he might be able to produce between 2 kg to 5 kg of fruit flies per day.

I did commented that after 8 years he should be harvesting more than 2 kilograms a month.

He should get some expert to inspect his BH and provide precisely what can be done to improve the monthly harvests.

The only expert that I can think of is at this phone number +6017 7551318

My another interesting news is the progress of Bukit Besi BH.

Just after about 1.5 months after my revamp operation the birds returning every evening swelled to about 700.

"Harry, Edi counted and approx 700 birds entered Bukit Besi BH and will check Tok Dor soonest"

Prior to my revamp operation the number was below 250 birds and that was about 1.5 months ago.

Do you want to know what I did inside the BH?

The owner set a target of 600 nests by end of 2014.

At the current rate of progress I told him that it will be a chicken feet or Kacang Putih (no problem).

The only thing that he should do is to follow all those guidelines provided to him.

One very important thing for him to do is to spray the Super pheromone on all those not tenanted fake nests once every month.

He should also move one step forward to start considering the application of 3X concentrated pheromone liquid on all his BH nesting planks especially those inside his VIP rooms.

He should quickly order about two liters of the 3X and apply on all the planks.

Within a few weeks he will see some strange happenings.

The birds will no longer be chasing after the corners and those fake nests but they will start to chose those flat areas on the nesting planks which he applied with the pheromone ( This is my prediction).

I will chase after him to give this liquid a try and see the result.

If that happen he need no longer wait till the end of the 2014 to get his 600 nests.

He should now look at something like 1200 nests within less than 8 months.

About 1000 % increase from its initial of 120 nests.

Possible but will be a miracle.

Lets try it out and I will be very happy to be the crazy guy who provide him with this great idea.

If you wish to help in applying the 3X with me please let me know.

Call me at 017 7551318.

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