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13 di bukit besi - Google Blog Search

13 di bukit besi - Google Blog Search

BLOG TERENGGANU: 13 <b>di bukit besi</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 26 Apr 2014 01:56 AM PDT

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My Tasks At <b>Bukit Besi</b> BH - Blogger

Posted: 24 Apr 2014 08:37 AM PDT

(A very simple 2 stories BH with lots of potential)

The owner of this BH at Bkt Besi Dungun Trengganu wanted my opinion.

He drove me up to the BH and wanted my best opinion.

I was quite impressed with the number of birds found inside.

The BH is very simple with nothing fancy inside.

A two stories BH located on the top of a hill facing Southeast.

After a short walk around I listed to him a number of things that he should do to make sure the BH will hit 600 nests within the next 12 months.

Currently this unit, he got three more, the number of nests was around 120.

He called me just after three days and wanted me to carry out all the things that I have recommended.

Two days ago I took my two worker up and started work on some of those things to improve the nests population.

My first task was to install the hexagonal tweeter.

The second task was to upgrade those tweeters located at the main entrance hole.

I also installed two sets of external sound tweeters on the first door leading to the two floors.

I told the owner that currently most of those birds are staying on the top floor but it would be better for them to stay at the bottom floor.

Let me try to make the bottom floor more attractive as compared to the top most floor.

I started my mission by relocating the entrance door to the ground floor.

The entrance door was relocated which will make those birds easier to fly in.

The entrance door to the top floor is a bit more sharp to discourage them from populating the top floor.

The lower floor will have more attractive gadgets while the top floor will be with lesser gadgets.

There will be lots of cluster tweeters and together with it will be those styrofoam fake nests.

Just one day after some adjustments of the sound system, the crowd entering was very impressive.

I have instructed my workers to make sure that I can play two external sounds at any one time.

The external sound playing tweeters located inside the nesting rooms will be playing a special selected external sound at night.

There will be lots of pheromone smell inside this BH.

It will be very nice once the revamp is completed.

Tentative date of completion is this Sunday April 26th 2014.

Call me if you wish to come and see my master piece (0177551318)

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