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13 di kuala terengganu - Google Blog Search

13 di kuala terengganu - Google Blog Search

Marhaban <b>di</b> Astro – <b>Kuala Terengganu</b> - Cubicfoto - + cubic | foto +

Posted: 15 Aug 2011 02:36 PM PDT

Client\'s Testimonial
Cubic Foto impressed me with their work. Not only they have good work etiquette, but they are very efficient in their work too (not to mention the reasonable price range as well). I am happy with the photos of my son's aqiqah. Keep up the good work!


We would like to thank you so much for the GREAT work done by CubicFoto who has taken pictures of our wedding in June last. They've done a really superb job.We luv it so much!! We are very satisfied and happy with their products. My brother introduced the team to me until I see their website and do not hesitate to call them to be part of our special big day and they took many great candid shots during the reception and look juz nice captured. Marriage is only once in life and only the pictures can be memories for us to keep. We sure will introduce the team to others and we hope Cubic Foto will continue to be known for their creative and committed to their work,insyaALLAH. All the best to you guys for any future project and events...!! -Mukhriz & Nurul-

Nurul & Mukhriz

Numb and speechless.. Lost for words to describe how we love the pictures, can't wait for the BIG day, we know you guys will do wonders. All are nicely taken, with nice angles and lighting, not to forget the scenes (walaupun Mel tak suka angle bawah, but you did well to prove her wrong). :D Thank you very much, from the bottom of both our hearts. T.A & Mel

Tg. Amir & Mel

Had the opportunity to work with this great team for my wedding. Their calm and friendly demeanor does help with the jitters especially on our big day. They were patient with us and took great shots for sure. We were definitely happy and the final product provided was certainly all worth it. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone if they have an event they would like to be covered. They're always open to suggestion and their creativity is limitless. They certainly carry themselves very well and it shows in the end product that is produced. They've got our vote for sure, definite choice for any future events that we may organize ;)

Azlan & Akhmar

Thanks Dan for a wonderful experience. Memang seronok buat photoshoot dgn Dan. Rileks je. Nothing to worried about sebab kitorang tahu Dan akan beri yang terbaik dan kami akan dapat yang terbaik. Hasil yang Superb Awesome Best Gile.. Speechless.. We know one day u'll be 'some one' in photography world. Thanks again..and wish you BEST OF LUCK!!

Dzul & Nik
Quiny Bridal

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