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Posted: 24 Aug 2011 12:57 PM PDT

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak,
Alhamdullilah, seperti mana yang telah dirancang, program iftar jalinan kasih telah berlangsung dengan jaya dan penuh keceriaan terpancar diraut wajah para hadirin, juadah hidangan yang cukup mantap dan pelbagai jenis.


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13 di besut - Google Blog Search

Pasca Bersih : Ceramah DS Anwar Ibrahim <b>Di Besut</b>. - Ustaz Wan <b>...</b>

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 09:09 AM PDT


"Wahai Allah, Engkaulah yang menguasai hati manusia, kami hanya membuat seruan. Engkau bukakanlah hati pemimpin UMNO, penyokong UMNO, ahli UMNO, veteran UMNO, Ustaz/ustazah UMNO supaya menyokong perjuangan Islam yang dibawa oleh PAS dan mereka melihat bahawa UMNO adalah mungkar. Wahai Zat Yang Maha Berkuasa perkenankanlah permohonan hambamu ini." AMIN


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13 di jerangau - Google Blog Search

Blog Felda: felda <b>jerangau</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Blog Felda: <b>felda jerangau</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Blog Felda: <b>felda jerangau</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Blog Felda: <b>felda jerangau</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Blog Felda: <b>felda jerangau</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Pertandingan Memancing Terbuka <b>FELDA Jerangau</b>

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 01:19 AM PDT

Pada 22 April yang lalu telah berlangsungnya Pertandingan Memancing Terbuka FELDA Jerangau anjuran Persatuan Belia (MBFM) Felda Jerangau bertempat di kolam ikan Pok Kob dengan disertai lebih 70 orang peserta. Peserta yang terlibat adalah daripada kampung-kampung sekitar FELDA Jerangau. Turut mengambil bahagian adalah beliawanis yang bersama-sama memeriahkan acara. Yang lebih membanggakan ada peserta yang membawa anak-anak untuk turut sama beriadah. Pertandingan ini turut dimeriahkan lagi dengan acara meneka biji betik yang menawarkan hadiah sebuah basikal beserta hamper. Ikan terberat yang berjaya dinaikkan seberat 3.5 kg. Penyampaian hadiah telah disempurnakan oleh YB Dato' Haji Din bin Adam, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Kawasan Bukit Besi. Turut sama memeriahkan adalah Pengurus dan Penolong Pengurus FELDA Jerangau serta Pengerusi JKKK FELDA Jerangau 'A'. Acara ini turut disokong oleh Pejabat JKKR FELDA Jerangau, Pejabat Khidmat Masyarakat Dun Bukit Besi, Pejabat Khidmat Masyarakat Parlimen Dungun Serta Ketua UMNO Bahagian. Diharap pada masa yang akan datang Persatuan Belia (MBFM) FELDA Jerangau terus mendapat sokongan daripada semua pihak agar harapan untuk melihat persatuan ini maju akan terus subur.

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13 di pulau kapas - Google Blog Search

Kapas Keeps Us! - <b>Pulau Kapas</b>, Malaysia Travel Blog

Posted: 18 May 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Flag of Malaysia  , Terengganu,
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blog Writer: Jen

We left for Pulau Kapas on the 4th of May, due to a lack of internet no blogs have been written but I'm going to try and summarise the last 14 days as best I can.

Waking up in Marang we packed what little we had unpacked in one night and went to speak to the Marang Guesthouse owner to see if we could get a lift to the jetty, which the night before he had offered. Once again he agreed but also began writing out two boat tickets. Nicely we told him we were going to look around the jetty for a cheap ticket and would not be buying it here… but can we still get a lift?…to which he replied 'NO'. So we walked the 15 minutes in the heat with our bags to the jetty cursing the man. When we arrived we found the cheapest option to be with a company called 'MGH' - in case you already figured it out - yes this is the same company who own Marang Guesthouse

. We bought the tickets and cursed ourselves for not getting the lift.

The boat takes about 25 minutes and before we knew it we could see the white sands of Kapas. I jumped out of the boat soaking my shoes and pants, covering both in sand. Boff used the ladder and came away dry, the ladders did look precarious though .

We got dropped off just outside a place called KBC (Kapas Beach Chalets). The Lonely Planet had stated this place was decent and cheap so the drop off was handy. We headed inside and were directed to the reception, there we were met by Dan an English guy working in Malaysia for the season. Dan showed us a nice twin room so we quickly dropped our bags, signed the necessary forms (Boff now knows his passport number off by heart) and jumped in the crystal clear sea.

From our first arrival to the day we left are days remained mainly the same. We sat on the porch and devoured books, played in the sea in rubber rings, ate at the KBC restaurant and got to know the people a little better.

Kapas is a beautiful quiet island, no roads just jungle, clear sea, white sand, scorching sun and fish

. The beauty of KBC was the people.

Now its too hard to explain what we did every day for 14 days but I can let you know about the people we met and the fun we had so that's what I will try and do.

Firstly we met Ciaran and Claire an English couple on a 2 week holiday in Malaysia - good choice. Ciaran taught us how to play back gammon which we then played every day until we left, so a big thank you is needed there.

Natasha and Gek who work in the restaurant taught us to play two sided connect four - I think you regress when you travel, you do nothing all day but play. Natasha is from England and similar to Dan has worked at KBC for a few seasons. Gek greeted us every morning with 'Good Night' and Natasha shared her drink and travel stories willingly.

Then theres Dan and Nisa. Dan is English its his 4th year in Kapas and taught Boff how to play 4 chords on the guitar - The two Dans got on very well. Nisa Dans girlfriend is Malaysian, she also works at KBC and taught me how to speak Malaysian (Awa Macham Bunga Nisa), a game which name I did not get and she serenaded me on the guitar

. We spent most days hiding in the shade of the 'Lazy Lounge' with Dan, Nisa and Kayan talking, listening to music and having good times all round.

Patrick was a French Gentleman who loved to dive and snorkel, he went everyday without fail - some of the things he saw… many sharks and two turtles mating, we therefore nicknamed him 'Shark Man'. When you got Patrick drunk or even just during the day on a whim you can put on The Rolling Stones and Patrick would do the chicken dance, a great laugh. Patricks parting words - "You can be rich with money but with travel your rich in life".

Cristina had been on Kapas for 3 weeks when we arrived she had made herself right at home. Shes fiery and Spanish, cooked everyday and shared it. She also shared her treats with us - biscuits, nuts and chocolate and I even got a great back massage when we agreed to stay for two more days - the second time we agreed to stay longer that is.

Rebecca arrived later on in our stay. Strangely we recognised her from the bus to Tioman, she stayed at beach shack with Paul and Tori. Becca also new Matt Gilford who we met in Manali, India

. She has just spent 5 months there - it's a small world. Becca is from England - a northerner who never stopped making us all laugh.

Last but by all means not least is Kayan. Kayan owns KBC, he may possibly be the most chilled out relaxed guy you could ever meet, not only this but generous. He bought copious amounts of alcohol and shared it with everyone until we were all VERY drunk. Patrick danced like a chicken and Me, Nisa, Marisa, Boff, Patrick and Anthony swam in the sea - fully clothed. Kayan always seemed to be offering some form of biscuits or cake, again to anyone who wanted it. He held a film night and set up the 'Lasy Lounge' like a cinema. He never stopped giving, even to the point where we got a free nights stay.

Needless to say after meeting such wonderful people we extended our stay from 10 days to 12 and then to 14, we couldn't leave. We played games in the day and talked about anything and everything. We went on a group snorkelling trip and a fish bit my leg. We played games in the sea diving through hoops, doing rollie-pollie - the usual. We drank too much and sang around a fire on the beach while Nisa played guitar.

When we left it was like leaving home all over again we had become a family - and that was the wonderful Kapas. Hot, sandy, sometimes stormy but always a friendly face.

The morning we left again people said "don't leave" I nearly gave in but we knew we had to keep on moving and see more of Malaysia. Our next destination is Pulau Perhentian, another island of the East coast further up North.

<b>Pulau Perhentian</b> Kecil - <b>Pulua Perhentian</b> Kecil, Malaysia Travel Blog

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Flag of Malaysia  , Terengganu,
Monday, April 4, 2011

We arrived on Pulau Perhentians Kecil on Monday, April 4 via a mini-van from Cameron Highlands to Gua Musang, where we switched vans for the rest of the ride to Kuala Besut. The total ride took about 4.5 hours. We then took a boat from Kuala Besut to Coral Beach on Kecil island which took half an hour. Pulua Perhentians is made up of two islands, Besar Island ("Big" island) and Kecil ("Small" island).

A lot of the guesthouses were full the day we arrived, so we stayed one night at Shari-La which is a nicer place with more amenities (a/c, TV, fridge), but a higher price tag even after negotiating (100 RM; ~$33 CDN). The next day we changed to Maya Guesthouse, which have longhouses, with a much nicer price tag (50 RM; ~17 CDN). A lot of the island only has electricity during parts of the day. For example, at Maya Guesthouse, electricity is available from 6:30pm to 8am, and from 12 noon to 3pm; which is more than you need, since you aren't in the room during the day anyway


We took a walk to the other side of Kecil island to Long Beach. It has a larger beach, but prone to bigger waves, so we are glad to be staying on Coral Beach where the water is calm.

We met a really great couple- Reed and Liz from California, who are staying in the room 2 doors from us.

Just behind Maya Guesthouse is a little pond where Riley spotted some huge monitor lizards (nose to tail ~5 to 5.5 feet long). They are the largest lizards we have ever seen, and it is amazing to think that the Komodo dragons we will see in Indonesia will be even bigger.

On Wednesday we went on a day snorkelling trip around the two islands (Kecil and Besar). We went to a total of 4 snorkelling stops, and the fishing village for lunch. The highlight was seeing blacktip reef sharks (the biggest was about 4 feet long), as this was our first shark siting ever (snorkelling or scuba diving). Some of the other fish we saw were big puffer fish, lots of clown fish ("Nemos"), different color angelfish and butterfly fish, parrotfish, and needle fish

. We also saw a couple blue-spotted stingrays, beautiful coral, and huge colorful giant clams. It was a great snorkelling trip and only cost 35 RM (~$12 CDN) per person and included breakfast.

The next two days included a total of 3 dives with Quiver Dive Company at a cost of 70 RM (~$23 CDN) per dive. The first dive was to "Sugar Wreck", which is a 90 metre long, 3500 ton, cargo ship that sunk in 1999 carrying sugar..... hence the name "Sugar Wreck". This was our first wreck dive ever. It was a good dive, with a max depth of 18 metres. Visibility was pretty good for most of the dive. Lots of schools of fish, really big puffer fish, and loads of sea urchins. We got to dive through some swim-thrus within the wreck which was fun.

The next dive was to "Temple of the Sea", which is a pinnacle rock formation, and is regarded by many as the best dive site in the area..... and it did not disappoint. We had great visibility, and went down to a maximum depth of 24 metres. Saw quite a few bamboo sharks (still quite small at ~2-3 feet long), that hang out under overhanging rock and coral. Saw a few more blue-spotted stingrays, a big trigger fish, puffer fish, and lots of schools of fish (ie. yellow snappers, golden travelle, etc). Riley spotted and got our attention, to see a white-eyed moray eel swimming

. We also saw the infamous 3-legged hawksbill turtle swimming along. He is a good size, and the story is that he lost his back left leg from a boat hitting him, as his shell is quite damaged.

The third dive was to "T3", also known as the "The Three Brothers", or "Terumbu Tiga". This is a large dive site with lots of swim-thrus, and can be a favorite when conditions are good. The visibility at the start wasn't very good, and there was a strong current. At one point we swam through two rocks where the current was brutal. We were all swimming quite hard, but barely moving. Rochelle was at the back of the group, and got trapped in the current, and watched everyone get further away. She was sure she lost everyone, and was already going through the safety procedures in her head for when you lose your dive group. After getting to a spot with less current, the dive master did a head count and realized he was missing someone. Luckily, Rochelle saw that the group turned left, so she went over the one rock, and was able to pop up over top of the group.... surprising and relieving them.... especially Riley. We went down to a maximum depth of 21 metres, and saw a big trigger fish that was blocking one swim-thru, preventing us from being able to do it. We did do another swim-thru, where the entrance was quite small and dark, but once through, it opened up and the visibility was good. Mainly due to the visibility, we enjoyed the first two dives more


The next day (Saturday) we chartered a boat to do a snorkelling trip with two other couples (Reed and Liz, and a couple from France). It went to Rawa island- north of Pulua Perhentian Kecil. We went to 2 sites in this area, and stopped at a beach to have a snack. In some spots, the current was quite strong, but we still saw some great fish! Some highlights included seeing a small school of 8-10 green humphead parrot fish (that were ~4 feet long), more blacktip reef sharks, and trigger fish. Since it was still early, we also stopped at a beach known as "Quiet Beach", on the northwest end of Kecil island. This was the best snorkelling location so far, as the visibility was great, and had lots of fish. There were lots of colorful coral and giant clams. Our favorite encounter here was with the two white-eyed moray eels- a small one that was just poking his head out of a hole in the coral, and a bigger one which was swimming around.

Our last two days we did a bunch of snorkelling. On Monday, we rented fins and snorkelled around Coral Beach. We saw lots of schools of fish, a box fish, and some fish we have never seen before.

On Tuesday, we went on another snorkelling trip (we love exploring the waters....if you can't tell..) that Maya Guesthouse operates

. They are the only one that brings an underwater camera on the tour, and will give you a digital copy of all the pictures for a mere 20 ringits (~$7 CDN). Luckily it was a small group of us- only 6. The other 4 were two couples from Australia and had their own underwater camera, so the guide- Mann, mostly swam with us, and took pictures with us. At the first site- Shark Point, we started to see blacktip reef sharks almost immediately after jumping into the water. Before we knew it, about 6 were circling the area around us, and at least 2-3 were always in our view. A few times they would get as close as 3 feet from us. This was incredible, as in some spots, the water was only a metre deep, so the visibility was great! On a few occassions, we would dive down and be eye level with them. We stayed swimming with them for almost an hour.

At the next few sites, some highlights included a huge turtle that was way at the bottom of an area that was probably 6 metres deep. We had to swim down to see him, as the visibility wasn't as great in this spot. Riley did three different swim-thrus (which are like tunnels through rocks or coral). One which was not much bigger than he was, so it was a tight squeeze. A good size blue-spotted stingray, scorpion fish, puffer fish, and another humphead parrotfish were also highlights of these snorkelling sites.

We had an incredible last day, and entire stay on Pulau Perhentian Kecil. What was supposed to be a 4-5 night stop, ended up being 9 nights due to enjoying ourselves so much. Tomorrow we head back to mainland for a short bus south, to then take a boat to Pulua Kapas- another small island that is supposed to have aquamarine water and beautiful beaches.

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13 di kuala terengganu - Google Blog Search

Murtabak Maggi Makin Popular <b>Di Kuala Terengganu</b>

Posted: 24 Aug 2011 07:22 PM PDT

KUALA TERENGGANU – Sekalipun baru diperkenalkan, "murtabak maggi" semakin popular dalam kalangan masyarakat di bandar raya ini.

Dek kerana kelainan rasa, ramai yang ingin mencuba juadah ini ciptaan Wan Ahmad Rodhi Wan Muhamad, 21, terutama pada bulan puasa ini.

"Biarpun ia sesuatu yang baru, sambutan amat menggalakkan dengan permintaan yang semakin meningkat," kata Wan Ahmad Rodhi yang kini dapat menjual sehingga 200 keping sehari berbanding 60 keping pada minggu pertama bulan puasa di Bazar Ramadan Shahbandar di sini.

Beliau berkata murtabak maggi menggunakan bahan asas mee segera, isi ketam, telur, kubis, lobak merah dan bawang.

WanAhmad Rodhi berkata keistimewaan murtabak itu adalah pada sambal daging dan isi ketam, dan lebih lazat dimakan dengan sos cili dan mayonis.

Sekeping murtabak maggi berharga antara RM3 dan RM3.50.

Seorang pelanggan yang ditemui, Mohamed Fairus Nizam Mohd Zaid, 30, berkata: "Rasanya memang sedap, lain dari yang lain. Ini kerana ia mengandungi isi ketam serta mee segera." – BERNAMA Ronda-Ronda <b>di Kuala Terengganu</b>

Posted: 25 Jul 2011 05:15 PM PDT

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Selepas Mersing, destinasi seterusnya ialah Kuala Terengganu kali ini 5 malam iaitu dari 18-23 Julai 2011. Cuaca di KT sangatlah panas. Ini kali ke berapa ntah aku ke KT aku pun tak ingat. Cuma first time menginap di Hotel Tanjong Vista. Hotel ni memang best! Primula dah, Batu Burok Beach Resort pun dah, Mingstar pun pernah dan Mid Town Hotel pun pernah. Grand Con je tak pernah duduk lagi hehe.. Tu pun sebab kerja punya pasal.. 
So, aku berkesempatan untuk meronda-ronda di bandar Kuala Terengganu dan ambik apa je gambar yang aku sempat nak ambik. Bila tengok bot tambang kat Jeti Shahbandar, teringat ngan Pak Tambang di tebingan sungai Kuching. Terengganu memang unik.. Makanan dia.. Kain songket tenun dia.. Batik dia.. Orang dia.. Opps! Hehe.. Semuanya memang kelass! Terengganu banyak tempat chantek-chantek. Aku gi lagi Masjid Kristal, gi ala-ala iCity kat waterfront dia tapi sayang tak dan nak ambik gambar. :P
Aku akui orang Terengganu ni lawa-lawa ler.. Bak kata kawan aku, hidung tajam boleh patuk-patuk orang hehehe.. Kulit putih sokmo.. Manis-manis je orang Ganu ni. Nak wat macamane kan.. Aku punya great-great-great grandfather pun asal Terengganu.. Opppss!! Pecah lobang haha.. Yupp.. memang asal dari Terengganu.. Then dia kawen ngan orang Sarawak sampailah keturunan aku yang ke berapa entah ni hehehe... Okeh sebelum aku lebih melalut wahai blog, biar kita berhenti dulu di sini. Esok nak up gambar kat Pantai Batu Burok pulak hehe.. Adios amigos.. Carpe manana!
Hentian Shahbandar
Pasar Payang
Jeti Shahbandar

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13 di ketengah jaya - Google Blog Search

Teganuku..segalanya <b>di</b> sini..: <b>Ketengah</b> Holding Dijangka Peroleh <b>...</b>

Posted: 09 Aug 2011 01:46 PM PDT

Kumpulan syarikat Ketengah Holding Kumpulan Syarikat Ketengah Holding Sdn. Bhd. dijangka memperoleh keuntungan lebih tinggi kepada RM53 juta sehingga akhir tahun ini.

Bagi tempoh enam bulan pertama tahun ini ia mencatat keuntungan sebelum cukai sebanyak RM35,999,851.

Jumlah berkenaan menyaksikan peningkatan sebanyak 73 peratus berbanding keuntungan sebelum cukai dalam tempoh sama tahun lalu yang berjumlah RM20,777,525.

Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said berkata, dengan keuntungan itu syarikat-syarikat berkenaan dijangka meningkatkan labanya kepada RM53 juta menjelang akhir tahun ini.

Beliau berkata, jika sasaran itu dapat dicapai, pengeluaran zakat bagi syarikat-syarikat tersebut juga dijangka meningkat sebanyak 37 peratus.

"Tahniah kepada Ketengah Holding melalui tujuh anak syarikatnya yang berjaya menunjukkan peningkatan keuntungan paling ketara tahun ini dan mampu membayar zakat sebanyak RM973,504," katanya.

Sepanjang tahun lalu kumpulan syarikat mencatat keuntungan selepas cukai sebanyak RM38,940,179 iaitu peningkatan sebanyak 189.37 berbanding keuntungan yang diperolehi pada 2009 (RM20,562,701).

Menteri Besar berkata demikian pada majlis penyerahan zakat kumpulan syarikat Ketengah Holding Sdn Bhd oleh Lembaga Kemajuan Terengganu Tengah (Ketengah) kepada Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Melayu Terengganu (Maidam) di pejabat Menteri Besar, Wisma Darul Iman semalam.

Ketengah diwakili Pengurus Besar, Datuk Hamzah Ngah manakala Maidam diwakili Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Wan Harujan Sulaiman.

Ahmad Said berkata, apa yang membanggakan ketujuh-tujuh anak syarikat iaitu Ketengah Holding Sdn Bhd, Ketengah Perwira, Yayasan Islam Terengganu (YIT-Ketengah Perwira), Ketengah Jaya, Kebunika, Ladang Ternak Tani dan Rakyat Ketengah Perwira mencatat keuntungan.

Menurutnya, Ketengah Perwira merupakan penyumbang zakat terbesar iaitu RM508,337 diikuti Ketengah Holding (RM138,470), YIT-KPSB (RM116,921), Ketengah jaya (RM130,078), Rakyat Ketengah Perwira (RM54,302), Kebunika (RM15,333) dan Ladang Ternak Tani (RM10,064).

"Dengan jumlah berkenan peningkatan telah berlaku sebanyak 119.45 peratus berbanding pengeluaran zakat tahun lalu sebanyak RM443,604," katanya.

Katanya, kumpulan syarikat yang membayar zakat ini terdiri daripada syarikat berasaskan perladangan dan perkilangan dengan aktiviti utamanya adalah pengeluar dan memproses kelapa sawit kecuali Ketengah Holding melalui syarikat pelaburan.

Terdahulu, Ketengah Holding yang diwakili Hamzah dan Timbalannya, Wan Mat Amin Wan Daud menyerahkan dua cek bernilai RM973,505 kepada Wan Harujan Sulaiman.

Pada majlis itu, Ahmad turut memaklumkan mengenai sumbangan zakat daripada Koperasi Permodalan Felda Bhd. berjumlah RM520,000 manakala Felda Holding Sdn. Bhd. pula mengeluarkan zakat RM268,783.

Menurutnya, beliau menerima dua cek berkenaan daripada Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pada satu majlis di Kuala Lumpur semalam.

13 di jabor - Google Blog Search

13 di jabor - Google Blog Search

Laluan Sakaratul Maut (Death Stretch) oleh JPJBlog Cari Makan <b>...</b>

Posted: 24 Aug 2011 03:00 PM PDT

LALUAN SAKARATUL MAUT adalah laluan yang disahkan oleh Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan sebagai laluan yang sering mendatangkan kemalangan maut setiap kali musim perayaan. Pastikan anda lebih berhati-hati ketika berada di laluan ini.

Berikut adalah laluan yang tersenarai dalam Laluan Sakaratul Maut ini :

Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra
Jalan Padang Tembak
Jalan KB-Machang

Jalan Stong, Kemubu Kuala Krai
KM 64 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang
KM 69.3 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang
KM 72 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang
KM 75 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang
KM 80 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang

KM 11 Jalan Pasir Mas-Tanah Merah
KM 3 Jalan Hospital Lati

KM 6 Jalan Gaal-Kg Bkt Yong-Pasir Puteh

Jalan Tanah Merah-Jeli

KM 24 Jalan Kota Bharu-Pengkalan Kubor
KM 6 Kg Berangan-Meranti

KM 25 Jalan Kota Bharu-Machang

Jalan Melawi-Tok Bali

Jalan Jeli-Kuala Balah

KM 13 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai
KM 21 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai
KM 26 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai
KM 29 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai
KM 51 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai
KM 65 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai
KM 69 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai

KM 15-KM 24 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu
KM 4-KM 12 Jalan K.Trg-K.Berang
KM 15-KM 35 Jalan K.Trg-Kg Raja
KM 6-KM 10 Jalan K.Trg – Kg Raja

KM 6-KM 10 Jalan Kg Raja-Alor Lintang
KM 1-KM 10 Jalan Jerteh-Kg Raja
KM 1-KM 36 Jalan Jerteh-Keruak
KM 1-KM 28 Jalan Jerteh-Bukit Puteri

KM 18-KM 60 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan
KM 15-KM 28 Jalan K.Trg-Kuala Berang

KM 61-KM 69 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan
KM 74-KM 89 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan
KM 91-KM 102 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan
KM 58-KM 75 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor
KM 77-KM 89 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor
KM 95-KM 108 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor

KM 98-KM 115 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan
KM 120-KM 138 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan
KM 140-KM 141 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan
KM 149-KM 158 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan
KM 122-KM 148 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor
KM 155-KM 179 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor
KM 14-KM-KM 16 Jalan Chukai-Air Puteh

KM 46-KM 49 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu
KM 51-KM 53 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu
KM 65-KM 68 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu
KM 82-KM 84 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu
KM 41-KM 44 Jalan K.Trg-Kg Raja
KM 65-KM 68 Jalan K.Trg-Kg Raja
KM 73-KM 75 Jalan K.Trg-Kg Raja
KM 32-KM 35 Jalan Sg Tong-Kuala Berang

KM 30-KM 36 Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman
KM 45-KM 47 Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman

KM 6 Jalan Temerloh-Jerantut

KM 24 Jalan Temerloh-Jerantut
KM 35 Jalan Temerloh-Jerantut
KM 90 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur LPT
KM 96 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur LPT
KM 126 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur LPT
KM 137 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur LPT
KM 120 Jalan K Lumpur-Kuantan
KM 125-KM 126 Jalan K Lumpur-Kuantan
KM 145 Jalan K Lumpur-Kuantan
KM 165 Jalan K Lumpur-Kuantan

KM 71-KM 77 (Bkt Tujuh)Jalan K Lipis-Gua Musang

KM 16 Jalan Lipis-Benta

KM 11 Jalan Raub-Bentong
KM 3 Jalan Bentong-Raub

KM 38 Jalan Segamat-Kuantan
KM 68 Jalan Segamat-Kuantan

Jalan Kangar-Alor Setar
Jalan Kangar-Kodiang
Jalan Raja Syed Alwi
Jalan Kuala Perlis-Changloon
KM 1-KM 5 Jalan Kangar-Padang Besar
Jalan Ulu Pauh

KM 5.2-KM 34 Jalan Kangar/Padang Besar
Jalan Mata Ayer/Beseri
Jalan Bukit Keteri-Padang Besar
Jalan Bukit Kayaman-Ngulang

KM 1-KM 9 Jalan A Setar-Pokok Sena
KM 8 Jalan A Setar-Kangar
KM 1-KM 3 Jalan A Setar-Butterworth (Tandop)

KM 39-KM 69 Jalan A Setar-Butterworth
KM 8 Jalan Gurun-Jeniang
KM 5 Jalan Sg Petani-Kuala Ketil
Batu 5 Jalan Bedong-Tanjung Dawai

KM 12 Jalan Kulim-Mahang (Kilang Baru)
KM 32 Jalan Kulim-Baling

KM 19-KM 25 Jalan A Setar-Kangar
KM 16-KM 20 L/raya Utara Selatan
Jalan Changloon-Kodiang

KM 29.3 Jalan Sg Petani-Baling
Simpang 3 Landak (Jalan Kulim Gerik)

KM 1 Jalan Kuala Nerang-Pokok Sena

KM 7 Jalan Bukit Tekoh

Jalan Tit Hj Idris-Pendang
KM 58-KM 60 L/raya Utara Selatan

KM 26 Jalan Serdang-Kulim

KM 23 Jalan A Setar-Sg Petani
KM 31 Jalan A Setar-Sg Petani

KM 12 Jalan Jeniang-Sik

Jalan Chain Ferry
Jalan Bagan Ajam
Jalan Permatang Tiga Ringgit
Jalan Bumbung Lima

Jalan Baru, Perai
Jalan Permatang Tinggi
Jalan Besar Sg Bakap
Jalan Besar Nibong Tebal
Jalan Permatang Keling

Lebuhraya Jelutong

KM 206-KM 208 L/raya Utara Selatan(Kamunting)
KM 229-KM 230 L/raya Utara Selatan(Bkt Berapit)
KM 74 Jalan Taiping-P Remis(Trong/Sg Kerang)
KM 66-KM 76 Jalan Ipoh- Butterworth (B Gantang)

KM 262-KM 290 L/raya Utara Selatan
KM 4-KM 10 Jalan Ipoh-Lumut

KM 22-KM 25 J Ipoh Lumut(B Gajah Perdana/Spg Parit)

KM 34-KM 41 Jalan Ipoh-T Intan(Mambang Diawan)
KM 294-KM 306 L/raya Utara Selatan (Gua Tempurung)

KM 22-KM 29 J Ipoh-K Kangsar(Klng Simen/Rimba Pjng)
KM 37-KM 44 J Ipoh-K Kangsar(Salak Baru/Spg Sayong)

KM 3-KM 8 Jalan Maharajalela(Kg Banjar/Spg Sitiawan)
KM 18-KM 29 Jalan Ferry(Estate Unitata/Kg Sri Kota)
KM 1-KM 14 J T Intan-Sitiawan(Pekan T Intan/Kg Bt 12)
KM 1-KM 14 Jalan Teluk Intan-Bidor

KM 82-KM 115 J Ipoh-Gerik(Raban/Sumpitan/Air Kala)

KM 7-KM 19 Jalan Sitiawan-T Intan (Kayan/Lekir)
KM 4-KM 12 J Sitiawan-Ipoh(Kg Ayer Tawar/Sg Wangi)

KM 180-KM 183 L/raya Utara Selatan(Alor Pongsu)
KM 198-KM 202 L/raya Utara Selatan(Kg Dew/Semanggol)
KM 95-KM 122 J Ipoh-Butterworth(B Serai/K Padir/S Bogak)

KM 256-KM 258 L/raya Utara Selatan(menurun T Menora)

KM 311-KM 312 L/raya Utara Selatan (Kinjang)
KM 331-KM 342 L/raya Utara Selatan (Bidor)
KM 349-KM 356 L/raya Utara Selatan (Bikam)

KM 359-KM 393 L/raya Utara Selatan

KM 30-KM 43 J Ipoh-Lumut(S Suak Sadang/K Panchor/UITM)

Jalan Kuala Selangor-Sabak Bernam
Jalan Klang-Banting
Jalan Kalumpang-Kuala Kubu Bharu
Kuala Kubu Bharu-Rawang
L/Raya Utara Selatan (Tg Malim-Sg Buloh)

Jalan Cheras
Jalan Kuching
Lebuhraya Connought
Lebuhraya KL-Seremban

Jalan Seremban-Tampin
Jalan Seremban-Kuala Pilah
Jalan Gemas-Bahau

KM 50 Lebuh Maju (Alor Gajah-Melaka)
Jalan Umbai-Sg Udang
KM 40 Jalan Batang Tiga, Bukit Rambai
KM 1-KM 35 Jalan Mufti Hj Khalil-Batu Berendam
KM 4-KM 13 Jalan Bukit Baru-Bukit Beruang
J Tun Ab Razak(L/Isyarat Lrg Pandan/St Meridian/Bkt Palah)
KM 30 Jalan Tun Fatimah

KM 13-KM 32 Jalan Melaka-Muar
KM 22-KM 44 Jalan Garingkesang-Chohong
KM 15-KM 40 Jalan Tehel-Bemban
KM 14-KM 17 Jalan Bukit Tembakau-Paya Dalam
KM 21-KM 40 Jalan Serakam-Kesang Tua
KM 24-KM 40 Batu Gajah Sungai Rambai

Jalan Sungai Udang-Lubok China
KM 15-KM 37 Jalan Rumbia-Kendong
Lubok China-Hutan Percha
KM 15 Jalan Gangsa-Kesang
KM 12.3 Jalan Jelatang-Durian Tunggal
KM 17-KM 18 Jalan Alor Gajah-Tampin

KM 9-KM 11 Jalan Johor Bahru-Air Hitam
KM 4-KM 17 Jalan Johor Bahru-Jalan Kota Tinggi
KM 6-KM 31 L/raya Pasir Gudang

KM 26-KM 36 Jalan Johor Bahru-Air Hitam

KM 2 Jalan Bakri dari Muar-Yong Peng
KM 10 Rawang dari Muar-Segamat
KM 135 L/raya Utara Selatan arah Utara

KM 5-KM 24 Jalan Kluang
KM 76-KM80 L/raya Utara Selatan arah Utara

KM 182-KM 189 Jalan Johor Bahru-Seremban-Segamat

KM 71-KM 75 Jalan Johor Bahru-Air Hitam
KM 41-KM 60 Jalan Batu Pahat-Mersing
KM 50-KM 73 L/raya Utara Selatan

KM 56-KM 63 Jalan Johor Bahru-Batu Pahat

KM 24-KM 60 Jalan Kota Tinggi-Mersing

KM 37-KM 48 Jalan Kota Tinggi-Mersing
KM 6 Jalan Endau-Mersing

Jalan Sultan Tengah
KM 7-KM 15 Jalan Matang
Batu 7-15 Jalan Kuching-Serian
Jalan Stephen Yong, Batu Kawa
KM 69 Jalan Lundu
Jalan Tabuan Jaya/Kota Samarahan

KM 40 Jalan Miri/Bintulu (Jalan Pesisir Pantai)
Jalan Baram-Luak
KM 9 Jalan Pulut/Lutong Miri
KM 5 Miri By-Pass
KM 13 Jalan Lambir/Niah/Bintulu

KM 6 Jalan Sri Aman/Kuching
KM 20 Jalan Sri Aman/Sarikei
KM 16-KM 19 Jalan Simpang Bukit Punda
KM 106-KM 112 Jalan Sri Aman/Kuching

KM 23 Jalan Bintulu/Sibu
KM 15 Jalan Kidurong/Bintulu
KM 30 Jalan Similajau/Niah

Batu 6-13 Jalan Oya, Sibu
Batu 32-37 Jalan Sibu/Bintulu

KM 33-KM 38 Jalan Saratok/Sarikei
KM 25 Bukit Sebangkoi, Sarikei

KM 38-KM 59 Jalan Kuching/Serian
KM 86-KM 87 Jalan Kuching, Serian
BAU    Jalan Tondong-Bau, Kuching

KOTA KINABALU    KM 0-KM 15 Jalan Tuaran Bypass
SANDAKAN    KM 12-KM 52 Jalan Labuk
TAWAU    KM 1-KM 24 Jalan Apas Tawau
KENINGAU    KM 2-KM 12 Jalan Keningau-Tambunan
BEAUFORT    KM 1-KM 21 Jalan Beaufort-Papar
KUDAT    KM 1- KM 10 Jalan Kudat-Tamalang
LAHAD DATU    KM 28 Jalan Lahat Datu-Sandakan
SP KIMANIS    KM 1-KM 15 Jalan Papar-Beaufort
SP SILAM    KM 20-KM 40 Jalan Semporna-Kunak
SP TELIPOK    KM 1-KM 44 Jalan Tuaran-Kota Belud-Ranau
SP BATU 32    KM 40-KM 65 Jalan Beluran-Telupid
SP SEGAMA    KM 28 Jalan Lahad Datu-Sandakan

Sumber: Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan

Selamat Pulang Ke Kampung, Ingatlah Insan Tersayang, Selamat Hari Raya Idulfitri…

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13 di chukai - Google Blog Search

13 di chukai - Google Blog Search

Haji Hanafiah Untuk DUN <b>Chukai</b> | BLOG - BLOG PARTI PAS

Posted: 11 Aug 2011 11:26 AM PDT

Penyampaian Sumbangan fakir miskin di Kg Tengah 10/8/2011

Posted: 11 Aug 2011 11:19 AM PDT

Bandar Chukai 10/8/2011, PAS DUN Chukai menyampaikan sumbangan untuk fakir miskin di kg tengah (bandar Chukai). 48 orang menerima sumbangan yang berupa beras, barangan dapur dan sedikt wang. Sumbangan tersebut diadakan di Surau Kg Tengah dan disampaikan oleh Tuan Hj Hanafiah Mat.

Sumbangan PAS Chukai di Dusun Nyior 5/8/2011

Posted: 11 Aug 2011 11:18 AM PDT

Dusun Nyior 5/8/2011, PAS DUN Chukai telah menyampaikan sumbangan kepada 80 orang fakir miskin di sekitar kg Dusun Nyior. Majlis dimulai dengan tazkirah oleh Ust Nik Nasri Nik Malik, Tim YDP PAS Kawasan Kemaman merankap Tim. Pengarah PAS Dun Chukai. Sumbangan disampaikan oleh Pengarah PAS Dun Chukai Hj Hanafiah Mat.

Sumbangan Fakir miskin Mak Lagam pada 27/6/2011

Posted: 11 Aug 2011 11:18 AM PDT

Sumbangan Fakir miskin Mak Lagam pada 27/6/2011 di kelas Fardu Ain . Seramai 80 Orang penerima menerima sumbangan dari dun chukai.

13 di kerteh - Google Blog Search

13 di kerteh - Google Blog Search

Book Premium Beautiful Appointment with Shelyza Sualiman in <b>Kerteh</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 07:31 PM PDT

Pada yang duduk dekat area Kerteh, Terengganu and berdekatan dgn nya… boleh la buat appointment dgn leader Yatie iaitu Shelyza Sulaiman untuk tahu pasal Premium Beautiful Business or nak tahu pasal Premium Beautiful Corset, the MAGICAL Corset.
This is her and she is very the fantastic leader…
 Happy & easy going person.
Shelyza akan berada di Kerteh dari hari
Khamis (18/08/2011) hingga Ahad (21/08/2011)
Sesiapa yg berminat boleh la
Call/ SmS Shelyza di no ini 0162205666
Jangan lepaskan peluang keemasan ini ye orang Terengganu….