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13 di kuala berang - Google Blog Search

13 di kuala berang - Google Blog Search

AidilAdha <b>di Kuala Berang</b> | Cheritera Hikayati

Posted: 01 Nov 2012 06:39 PM PDT

This year we went back to Kuala Berang, Terengganu for celebrating AidilAdha there. Plus, my FIL sponsored aqiqah for Ayser Zarif.

We went back on Friday (the 1st day of Raya), around noon. haha.

Ayser Zarif in action before our journey.
We dropped by at hubby's aunt's house for lunch and straight to Kuala Berang after that. It took us about 6hours++ to Kuala Berang. Hubby drove slowly coz we didn't want to rush. Chillax. Haha. Then, we directly to Kenyir Lake Resort where we stayed there! It took another 40minutes to reach there. 

Then, we went to hubby's uncle's house at Kuala Berang for dinner and chit chatting. After that, we off back to Kenyir to get doze off! Too tired plus the next morning have to go there early by 7 am!
Around 7am, we went to another uncle's house for Qurban & Aqiqah session. The villagers were busy cooking there. We had our breakfast and chit chatting again. Around 11am we went around Kuala Berang town.
Then, by Zohor we had solat jemaah and solat hajat session. While waiting for the session, we lepaking in FIL's car cos the weather is super hot! Knowing Ayser sejuk so have to stay in the car to get the aircond.

I was too tired and slept beside Ayser Zarif while he camwhoring alone! haha. Hubby became the paparazzi..hihi.
Then, we went back to the hotel for some rest and late afternoon we went to Kuala Terengganu for jalan-jalan. Before went back to Kenyir, we dropped by at my fren, Bibi's house for a while for quick chit chatting then we off back to Kenyir. It was quite scary driving in the middle of nowhere. haha..

Once reached the hotel room, we quickly packing for tomorrow journey back to KL. U know laa....the super duper massive traffic jam were waiting ahead.

We had our breakfast at the hotel then we dropped by at uncle's house to say goodbye. It took 10hours!!!! to reach KL...the worst jam everrrrrrrr....start from Lanchang all the way to Gombak.....Luckily we went back early around 9.30am...we reached hime around 7pm...fuhhhh...what a journey.....nak balik lagi ke??? Oh no!! hahaha....tunggu laa klo we ols sanggup nk meredah jam lagi ekkk....:D

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