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13 di pulau kapas - Google Blog Search

13 di pulau kapas - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 13 Apr 2012 07:25 AM PDT

Pulau Kapas is an island paradise with white sandy beaches fringed with shady palm trees making it a perfect retreat. The first impression is its laid back yet rustic ambience calling for pure relaxation. It offers a "home away from home" amidst a typical Malay village concept and hospitality.

Kapas Island is a small island consisting of merely a few holiday resorts. It will take just a couple of hours to stroll along the beautiful beach from one end to the other end passing all the holiday resorts. The other side of the island is however, only accessible through a jungle trekking trail.

Pulau Kapas offers a variety of adventures to sea lovers. The hidden treats of nature's splendors are both on land and below the sea. You could track into the island's interior and amazed at the colorful natural flora and fauna along the way. Explore the most varied marine life among the many coral reefs around the island. Snorkeling and underwater diving is popular along stretches of shallow coral reefs of the island's western shore.

The advantages of Pulau Kapas is its easy accessibility, wide range of activities and facilities. It is highly popular among backpackers as it is less expensive than other neighbouring islands yet offers equally good beaches.

July, August and the local holidays are the best times to go. An island famous for its clear waters, sandy white beaches and swaying palms, it is relatively isolated. Home to an infinite variety of hard and soft corals, the waters around the island abound with sea-shells, fish and turtles.

Kapas Island is famous for squid catching activities whereby tourist flock to the island from the month of April to September every year for this unique activity. Guest will go squid catching at night time by a local fisherman boat, equipped with the squid catching equipment to catch a squid. The squid caught will be up to the guest for own barbeque and to be cook at the resort restaurant at a minimal charge.

A taxi from Kuala Terengganu airport or the bus terminal costs RM 30.00 for the journey to Marang Jetty. Boat transfer service may start as early as 7:00 and costs RM 35.00 per person (two way).

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