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13 di pulau kapas - Google Blog Search

13 di pulau kapas - Google Blog Search

Being Hildaladida: <b>Pulau Kapas</b> Day Trip (Part I)

Posted: 02 May 2012 08:53 AM PDT

Terengganu have always been famed for its beautiful islands with dazzling clean and white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters; simply breathtaking. Thus, how can I afford to miss the chance to visit one of the islands during my stay in KT. Due to budget and time constrain, we chose to visit Pulau Kapas, a smaller and less crowded island compared to the other well known islands such as Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. We were obviously in dire need of pure peace and relaxation after a few hectic weeks in the hospital and some drama going in the house. Pulau Kapas would be more often visited by the locals compared to tourists due to easy accessibility and they would normally go for a day trip.

Thank goodness it was already April (post monsoon season) that time, so it is said to be safe to visit the island yet the weather had to go against us that day. During our entire stay in KT, it never rain but it just had to rain on that lovely morning when we were heading to the island by taxi. Taxi normally costs RM25-RM30, less than 30 mins drive from the town or you can directly take a taxi from the airport at the same price as well. Once we arrived at the Marang Jetty, the taxi driver brought us directly to one of the agents, Mak Cik Gemuk Beach Resort (I suppose he knows them). There is actually a row of shops with different agents so you'll get to choose which agent that offers you the best price and etc. Then off we rushed to the jetty cause the speedboat was about to leave already and we were so lucky to bumped into our colleagues, students from KKM in the same boat. Only 6km away, it takes 10 minutes by speedboat to reach the island or 30 minutes by slow boat. Due to the bad weather and strong waves, the speedboat ride was terrible! Even worse than a roller coaster, I felt that my heart almost fell off.

There are about 9 main resorts in Pulau Kapas altogether; Turtle Valley Chalet, The Light House, Duta Puri Island Resort, Kapas Island Resort, Kapas Beach Chalet, Makcik Gemok Beach Resort, Qimy Chalet, Kapas Garden Resort and Harmony Camp Site. Chalet, dorm and room rates ranges from RM20 to RM300 per night.

Once arrived we were greeted by Amir, the man who's in charge of Makcik Gemok Resort and we were asked to wait for the weather to settle first before heading to Long Beach for snorkelling. It was raining at the other side from we came from. Since there was still plenty of time to kill, we kept calm and camwhored!

...Abrupt ending IKR cause I need to pack. So I guess I'll continue the rest of the story on the next post since this post is quite lengthy already, I've been on it since 2 hours ago O_O Anyway, stay tuned then!


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