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13 di pulau kapas - Google Blog Search

13 di pulau kapas - Google Blog Search

Global Tourism: the best beaches in the malaysia

Posted: 10 Oct 2011 10:03 AM PDT

The beaches of Malaysia is one of top beaches of world is ranking since its natural, eco-system and exotic in scene and goodness and comfortable of bank of beaches. You can make any types of reason to see and enjoy the Malaysian beaches.Many of Malaysia's beaches are found nestling in secluded islands and coves, making them the ideal place for those seeking a peaceful vacation, away from the hectic lives normally lead. Some of beaches of malasia are covering the islands which make them very exciting in the view and senses.

You can do in every way what you like to do and also you can enjoy the water sports like snorkeling, swimming, diving, boating etc. I could recommend some of the best beaches in form of list check them out.

• Pulau Duyung
• Pulau Redang Marine Park
• Pulau Perhentian
• Pulau Lang Tengah
• Pulau Tenggol
• Pulau Kapas
• Rantau Abang Beach
• Pulau Langkawi
• Tioman Island
• Chendor Beach
• Balok Beach

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