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13 di pulau redang - Google Blog Search

13 di pulau redang - Google Blog Search

Travel details to go to <b>Pulau Redang</b> | Halong bay cruise

Posted: 14 Sep 2011 03:35 PM PDT

by Tracy Barb

Redang is based on 45km off Terengganu coast in Malaysia. It has the clean and transparent water and snow soft sand. Tourists enter this stunning island to get pleasure from the snorkelling and scuba diving experience. You can get to through 90 minutes Airplane from Singapore.

Travel through flight from Singapore to Redang:

A getaway waits right after a 1.5hour flight from Singapore to Redang.

Berjaya Air gives flight from Singapore to Redang with great promotional tickets those expenses close to $68. These expenses may increased and go up to $200 in the peak seasons.

All the charges are higher through the peak season. The baggages allowed are ten Kg to twenty Kg based on the fare class.

Please be aware that the travelers to Redang Island have to pay out RM5 marine park price.

As of the existing moment, Tiger Airways, Jetstar, Air Asia and Singapore Airlines have no direct flight to Redang from Singapore.


Redang has the tropical local weather like Kuala Lumpur and Tioman. The temperature will be about 30C. The Thunderstorms are frequent and brief.

Rainy Season:

The off time starts in the month of November to February in Redang. It is greatest to prevent your trip if you are a sports lover and adore taking part in water sports.

The island will be gloomy and most of the resorts will be closed throughout this time. Ferry rides are also limited because of the terrible climate and poor waves.

Good season times:

Travelers can enjoy their trip to the fullest if they stop by throughout the month of March to October. This is the peak time with more enjoyments. Travelers take pleasure in the sunbathing and water sport activities.

During my trip to Pulau Perhentian, we had a bad time in the month of May. It was rainy all the day and night. We found very fewer restaurants were opened and struggled with travelling. We could not get into the sea shore. We could not enjoy the trip as we wanted to.

There will be a considerable increase on the rates of everything which includes Air tickets, accommodation etc during these months. It will be during the New Year (January), Chinese New Year (February) and school holidays during the month of June and September).

A brief view on Redang:

Redang is the island that has 9 smaller sized islands in it. It is wealthy in stunning marine life, coral reefs. Travelers can take delight seeing the lightings scene in the night time sky. The seashores are clean and have snow soft sands. The water is clear and ideal for all type of water sports.

In Redang, you can have a safe and wonderful snorkelling tour. It will be more wonderful when you roam around the sea with your family. You can enjoy watching the Coral reef under the sea. You can easily get to see the coral reefs from the front. Also you can see the strange marine species like stingray, different kind of turtles.

Resorts in Redang:

It has numerous attractive beach resorts. One of the popular beach resorts is Laguna Redang. This resort is stretched out towards the seashore.

It is the greatest beach resort in Pulau Redang. It has lovely swimming pool, indoor disco, fitness centre and massage centre. The midnight rock band starts at 8pm and continues till the mid night.

Travelers can eat and be merry. They can take pleasure in all variety of entertainments at this beach resort.

There are many Redang holiday packs are offered to enjoy at this lovely Pulau Redang.

Tracy Barb is a travel writer in GuideGecko. She writes articles related to the air travel, train travel and details about the tourist spots all around the globe. And finally, check the comprehensive information on Perhentian islands travel details.

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