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13 di kuala berang - Google Blog Search

13 di kuala berang - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 08 Aug 2011 04:36 AM PDT

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Participants of homestay programmes in Kuala Berang can also get to learn about the region's rich past, writes ALIAS MOHAMED.

UNLIKE most homestay programmes where participants experience the local way of life, the Kampung Buloh Homestay programme in Kuala Berang, Terengganu, offers a taste of history instead with tales of merchants from afar who came to Kuala Berang in the 13th or 14th Century.

222 seconds of light
On the way to Kuala Berang.

With prior arrangements, guests will be able to admire artifacts such as ancient coins and crockery that can be traced to countries like West Asia and China.

Most of these items were unearthed when villagers were digging wells or working on their farms.

Hulu Terengganu MP Datuk Tengku Putera Awang, who initiated the project, pointed out that even the dialect spoken by the orang ulu (Hulu Terengganu community) is unique and it should be preserved.

Relax & Fishing...
Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Kuala Berang.

"It's high time for the people of Kuala Berang and those staying in Hulu Terengganu in general to feel proud of their past and their unique identity," he said.

For a start, 27 homeowners in Kampung Buloh and Kampung Batu Bersurat are taking part in the programme. Kampung Batu Bersurat is where a stone tablet with jawi inscriptions indicating the beginning of Islam in the country, was found.

Batu Bersurat Four
The Batu Bersurat indicates when Islam was started in Malaysia.

Guests will be taken to various historical sites and places of interest in and around Kuala Berang. Besides learning about the past, they can also join in various activities organised by the Kampung Buloh security committee members.

These include canoeing (river safari) some 12 kms downstream along Sungai Berang, watching river turtles lay eggs and visiting a pheasant and peacock mini zoo near Pekan Ajil. There will also be traditional games such as congkak, top-spinning and more.

If guests are lucky, they will be able to see or join the villagers to catch fish using their bare hands or see how the villagers "cure" or process tobacco leaves.

The homestay package also includes visits to interesting places in and around Kuala Berang such as Tasik Kenyir and the nearby aborigine settlement in Sungai Berua.


Kampung Buloh is located about four kilometres from Kuala Berang town.

Guest Activities

River safari, visits to peacock and pheasant zoo, tele-matches, watching river turtles laying eggs, demonstrations of tobacco curing and catching fish using bare hands and nets.

Contact Person

Samsureja Ali, Tel: 09-681 3249, 019-936 8096.

How To Get To Kuala Berang

From Kuala Terengganu, drive or take a taxi to go to Kuala Berang which is 55kms away. If you are coming from Kuantan, drive to Dungun before turning to Kuala Berang, passing through Bukit Besi which is about 20kms from Dungun.

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