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13 di paka - Google Blog Search

13 di paka - Google Blog Search

Haitian Creole: Mwen <b>paka di</b> en yen papa

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 07:14 PM PDT

Audio Lesson of the Week!

Download link for this audio:

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Bonjou tout moun!
Hello everyone!

Kouman nou ye?
How are you doing?

Common phrases to memorize:
1.  Vwazinaj se fanmi.
     Neighbors are family.

2.  Lanmou se lavi.
     Love is life.

Greet your friends with more than a "Bonjou!", say:
3.  Bonjou monkonpè! (to a man)
     Bonjou makòmè! (to a woman)
     Hello friend

4. Mwen kontan wè ou jodi a.
    I'm glad to see you today

Ask about their family:
5.  Kouman fanmi a ye?
     How's the family?

Ask how they slept,
6. Kouman nwit la te ye?
    How was your night?
    How did you sleep?

7. Kijan kò a ye jodi a?
    Literally, How's the body today?
    How are you feeling today?

Wish them well,
8.  Pòte ou byen.
     Literally, bring yourself well.
     Take care.

9.  Pran swen tèt ou.
     Literally, take care of your head.
     Take care of yourself.

10. Mwen kontan fè ti pale avèk ou.
     I'm glad to have a little chat with you. 

Enben se tout.  Mèsi e orevwa!
Well that's all.  Thanks and goodbye!

Track:  Shada by Lole-Lolay

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