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13 di pulau redang - Google Blog Search

13 di pulau redang - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 13 Jul 2011 11:24 PM PDT

Pulau Redang can easily win the award for having the most scenic beaches in Malaysia and what better way to spend your time there than frolicking in the water? A day on Pulau Redang can include scuba diving or snorkeling in fantastic coral reefs that are home to an abundance of marine life. Otherwise, lay out that sarong on the beach and enjoy the breeze. Remember, you are on a holiday and the most important thing to do is, well, nothing.

Getting in

There are direct flights and coaches to Kuala Terengganu from Kuala Lumpur. When reaching Merang or Shahbandar jetty, a one-way ticket to Pulau Redang costs about RM50 and the boat timings may vary. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of booking separate tickets, then get go to an authorized travel agent and have them do the legwork for you.


Most resorts on Pulau Redang have their own in-house restaurants. Otherwise there are a couple of small restaurants along Pasir Panjang (Long Beach). Eating local food hasgot to be one of the best ways to spend your Pulau Redang holidays. Sandfly Café sells good local Chinese dishes such as Kway Teow Goreng. Warong Food Court is further down south of Pasir Panjang and serves yummy Malaysian delights like Mee Hokkien. The servings are a little smaller than Sandfly's but the taste is simply mouth-watering. Bring along a torchlight because the pathways can get real dark.


Water sports such as snorkeling, PADI diving courses and canoeing are available at Pulau Redang. Discover Scuba Diving can start from RM143 and if you're up for getting a PADI diving certificate, Open Water courses start from RM880. Not a fan of water sports? Pamper yourself; go for a full body massage or body treatment at Berjaya Redang Resort. Prices start from RM75.

If you are keen to experience the coral reefs and marine life in the cool, clear waters or simply want to bask in the unadulterated sun and sand, www.GuideGecko.com has more information on Pulau Redang.

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