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Raft the Shubenacadie River Tidal Bore | <b>Redang</b> Island

Posted: 05 Sep 2011 01:23 AM PDT

The Shubenacadie River's Tidal Bore is made by the intense power of the Bay of Fundy tides. As the tide flows up the bay, from its widest point to its narrowest brooks, the water has just one place to go and that's up. At the very head of the bay this advancing tide turns into a wave, varying from just a ripple to a couple feet tall.

As this wave continues into and up the Shubenacadie River it flows in over the outgoing river water and changes the direction of the river. This unique natural phenomena is called the "Tidal Bore" and is only seen in few parts of the world.

There are a few tidal bore tidal bore operations found at the mouth of the Shubenacadie River in Nova Scotia. These outfitters offer tidal bore rafting tours that last around 3 to 4 hours.

After you board a Zodiac with a professional guide the trip typically begins with a ride on the crest of the tidal bore wave for roughly 1/2 mile up river. The tidal bore is the first wave of the in-going tidal surge and this wave may reach 1-11 feet tall depending on tidal and channel conditions.

Once the famous tidal bore passes, several natural sand rapids will appear in its wake. The rapids cover enormous expanses of sand bars along a 10 mile stretch of the Shubenacadie River. Your guide will take you thru numerousness passes of these waves. Following this exciting experience you can relax and savor the beautiful scenery of this captivating area in the 20 minute cruise back to HQ.

If you're interested in experiencing the tidal bore during your trip to the Bay of Fundy, keep in mind that the season runs from May to Sep. This is an experience that will open your eyes to the Bay of Fundy's enormous natural forces.

Find out more about the extreme Bay of Fundy tides at the official Bay of Fundy website

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